10 best Benefits Of Jala Neti

what is Jal Neti?

It is very effective technique for cleansing the nasal passage by water( Saline water). It is used by yogis to stay disease free and used to breathe well for their yogic practice without any blockage. Actually the Aim of this neti is to purify and clean nasal path form nostrils to the throat using water. Jal Neti is also called as Saline Nasal Irrigation. We do this for nasal Hygiene like brushing of teeth is dental hygiene. It is not used only for physical practices but also from psychological and spiritual point of view. People should practice Jal neti because of its no side effect.

Benefits of Jal Neti:-

1) It cures asthma. It removes mucus from your blocked nasal passages. It help to breathe easily and carry more oxygen to your lungs. If you practice Jal Neti then your will soon do not have to remember to carry your inhaler with you. 
2) It is useful for curing Sinus. Person with Sinus infection has nasal congestion with thick nasal secretions, fever and cough. For treatment of Sinus, you waste your lot of money on surgery to cure sinus.

3) It cures problems associated with eyes. it helps flush the tear ducts, encouraging clearer vision and gives sparkle to eyes.

4) Better power of visualization and concentration and gives a feeling of lighten and clarity to mind.

5) It removes tinnitus and middle ear infections.

6) It removes headache, migraine, depression, mental tension and even epilepsy. It actually cooling and soothing effect on the brain by drawing out excessive heat.

7) Yogis practice this to improve the quality of their meditation.

8) Cleaning of nasal passage help to improve sense of smell and thereby improve digestion.

9) People has experienced there is reduction of anger by doing this neti regularly.

10) It is very helpful to give up smoke. It reduces the tendency for mouth breathing , neti re-sensitize the nose to the actual pollution of ingesting smoke, thereby deprogramming the brain of the physical and psychological addiction.

In this process we need

1) Neti pot- It is usually small and has long spout on one side which is small enough to be inserted gently into one of nostrils during this process.

2)Pinch of salt

3)Lukewarm water

How to do jal neti

Before doing this activity, prepare correct saline water. It should not be too cold and too hot. water should be match the body temperature. If you are new and using water colder then your body it causes burn or irritation in your nasal.
For saline water need one teaspoon per half litre of water.
But why we need salt in water?
Because Salt help to equal the osmotic pressure of body and the water.

1) After preparing saline water. Now bend your spine to 60 degree angle and neck tilted to right as shown in figure above.

2) Now put your spout in your right nostril(upper nostril) and keep your mouth open so that water easily passes through right to left nostril.

3) Now repeat the same process by tilting the neck to left side. 

if you do not understand then you can refer this vedio

Drying the nostril to not be caught by cold:-

After doing neti, Drying of nostril is important to prevent us from cold.
Because after this activity some water left in nostrils.

To dry the nostril, stand in same position as doing in jal neti. Now blow the air out with force through your nose like doing in kapalabhati Pranayama.


If there’s something that benefits you, then it can also cause you harm, if not practiced properly. It can also cause you harm if you are suffering from something when it is not recommended. In Jala neti also it provides you with benefits that you have never think of, but it should not be practiced when it’s not recommended. The Jala Neti should not be practiced when –
1. suffering from chronic bleeding of the nose,
2. any type of nose infection,
3. if hurt or cut inside the nose.


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