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Intuniv (Guanfacine): ADHD Reliever 2017 guide: uses and side effects

What is Intuniv?It is a medicine to treat ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder) in children who is in between 6 to 17 years old. It is long acting tablet that is taken once daily, normally in the morning. It is not a central nervous system stimulant however it is often used in combination with an ADHD stimulant medication.                                       Intuniv drug is used to improving memory and attention, reducing distraction and controlling impulse. It can Reduce symptoms of ADHD include: 1) Less attention (children get distracted by small things means low concentration)
2) Impulsity (patiance level is very low)
3) Hyper activity ( very active, continuous talking)
4) Agressiveness
5) Angry outburst and arguing
It is approved by Food And Drug Administrative for ADHD in 2010 Doctor says intuniv drug is effective in about 70 to 75% of patient.
Warning before taking this intuniv drug
You should not use Intuniv drug if you are allergic to guanfacine. Before your child takes Intu…

10 best Benefits Of Jala Neti

what is Jal Neti?It is very effective technique for cleansing the nasal passage by water( Saline water). It is used by yogis to stay disease free and used to breathe well for their yogic practice without any blockage. Actually the Aim of this neti is to purify and clean nasal path form nostrils to the throat using water. Jal Neti is also called as Saline Nasal Irrigation. We do this for nasal Hygiene like brushing of teeth is dental hygiene. It is not used only for physical practices but also from psychological and spiritual point of view. People should practice Jal neti because of its no side effect.

Benefits of Jal Neti:-1) It cures asthma. It removes mucus from your blocked nasal passages. It help to breathe easily and carry more oxygen to your lungs. If you practice Jal Neti then your will soon do not have to remember to carry your inhaler with you.  2) It is useful for curing Sinus. Person with Sinus infection has nasal congestion with thick nasal secretions, fever and cough. For…