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10+ Best Ayurvedic Remedies For Cold And Cough 2017

Remedies For Cold And Cough: In winter season and weather keeps fluctuating that makes common cold and fever. These are the most viral disease in winter.So my today topic of discussion is common cold. 

Most commonest causes for cold and cough:- 1) Change or fluctuation in weather conditions which in turn results, growth of various varieties of viruses. 2)Viral infections of throat 3)exposure to too cold climate  4)sudden exposure to cold then entering a well heated rooms  5)Change or drinking water which is supposed to be most common cause 6)excessive consumption of frozen or chilled food articles 7)exposure to dust  8)excessive exposure with people who are already infected with cold 9) the problems are more because of poor ventilation and extreemes of climate 10)staying in an room were there is poor air circulation ,or in a room with heaters or Air conditioner on for whole day. 11) vitamin C causes cold problem offenly.

10 Best Remedies For Cold and Cough 2017:-1) Daily taking tonics which also e…